Virtual Field Trip with the West Basin Municipal Water District - Classroom Resources

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Make A Splash: A Kid's Guide to Protecting Our Oceans, Lakes, Rivers & Wetlands provides a closer look at our oceans and waterways and our role in protecting this water planet.

EarthEcho: Urbanized Water Cycle Lesson Plan: helps students describe the natural movement of water in the hydrologic cycle, identify the state of water as it moves through this cycle and the energy inputs that drive that movement, and understand how increased urbanization impacts the hydrosphere and adjoining biosphere.

EarthEcho: How-To-Reduce Your Personal Water Usage:  Students will also determine how much water they use through a personal water usage inventory guide in addition to identifying ways they can help reduce their personal water footprint.

Hidden Water: Video on how water is "hidden" all around us.  

West Basin Water District: West Basin Municipal Water District's Education Page

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