John Atwater II

Water Challenge Ambassador

Vero Beach, FL

John Atwater II, is a junior at Saint Edward’s School in Vero Beach, Florida. He has always shown an avid interest in water quality management and water conservation. For the past three years, John Atwater has participated as a member of the school team in Envirothon, a regional competition where students are challenged to answer questions regarding environmental issues. He is a member of the Environment Club and the Marine Biology Club, that work to find solutions to environmental sustainability and conservation. He often spends his free time participating in various research projects. John is currently a research volunteer at the Ocean Research Conservation Association (ORCA) where he participates in various research projects and lends his time in clean up efforts. Through this work John Atwater has found his passion in environmental conservation and public health. Under the guidance of mentor, Dr. Beth Falls, he is working on monitoring the effects of algal blooms and measuring the deadly toxins that are produced.