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Virtual Field Trip: Tree Planting in Ohio

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Recorded April 12th, 2016

Join EarthEcho as we kick off a National Tree Planting campaign to mitigate carbon emissions and lessen the impacts of ocean acidification and climate change. Trees not onlysequester carbon but also provide habitat, reinforce stream banks,  and beautify our communities. 

On the virtual field trip we will visit Coventry, OH where Jim Trogdon and his sixth grade students, along with the Ohio EPA and Ken Christensen of Davey Tree Experts, are restoring a local stream bank and will plant over 500 trees in late April. Hear about the project they've undertaken, the benefits to their community, and how you too can plant trees (from one to one thousand!) in your community. 

Below you will find some photographs for the space before and after day-lighting the stream. The next step to bringing back a healthy ecosystem is bringing back local trees and plants. Join us as we take that step. 


Before Daylighting - Stream is completely buried underground. 


After Daylighting - Stream is visible and ready for new vegetation!

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