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  • Walk for Wild

    I looked across the expanse of the St Mark’s River, and realized I was stuck. A ferry boat was waiting to take me across the river so I could continue backpacking the Florida trail on the other bank. But that would mean that after hiking, rambling and hopping my way through 280 miles of the Florida backwoods, after starting all the way back at my house in Gainesville, Florida, I would have not done my journey under my own power. If I took a ferry across, the…

  • Apply to join EarthEcho International’s Youth Leadership Council in 2017

    About the YLC   Responsibilities    How to Apply     FAQs EarthEcho International, an organization dedicated to equipping youth with resources to identify and solve environmental challenges, believes young people play a pivotal role as leaders in environmental conservation and education. The EarthEcho International Youth Leadership Council (YLC) supports EarthEcho International by providing valuable insight and expertise…