Primary Partner: EarthEcho

Below we have provided sample language to utilize in either the Partner Data or Activities section of the EarthEcho Expedition Student Achievement Grant application. EarthEcho must listed as a partner in order to be considered for the grant, however the language provided is not required to be included in the application. Please feel free to adjust to fit your project as necessary. 
Please contact with questions regarding participation in EarthEcho Expeditions and eligibility for EarthEcho Expedition Student Achievement Grants, accessed here.
Grant deadline is June 1, 2014. 

Name of Organization: EarthEcho International  
Contact Person: Allie Toomey
Phone: 202.350.3190

Describe the partner's role in implementing the project: Please elaborate further on the EarthEcho Prompt.

EarthEcho International is providing the backbone and resources through which this service learning project will be built. Using EarthEcho Expeditions: Into the Dead Zone, students are exploring human impact on our Water Planet globally, while investigating local solutions. EarthEcho Expeditions videos and lesson plans provide a unique way to communicate science content through environmental issues.

As we develop a plan for service learning in our own organization, we are utilizing EarthEcho’s service learning resources to guide our process and decision-making.


Describe EarthEcho Expedition activities as applicable to your project:

The mission of EarthEcho International is to empower young people to take action that protects and restores our Water Planet. Since 2000, EarthEcho International and Philippe Cousteau Jr. have been working with young people and educators to bring about positive change to the environment, by providing high quality, environmental education materials to educators around the world. The materials and resources that EarthEcho provides to educators are all created with national science standards, environmental literacy, and service learning in mind.

Most recently, EarthEcho International has created their EarthEcho Expeditions program, which provides educators and classroom with a full suite of materials. Using these materials, EarthEcho lays out the framework for effective service learning within classrooms and other organizations. EarthEcho and their network of teachers are available for ongoing support and inspiration. Each month, EarthEcho holds a Google+ Hangout, where educators have the opportunity to learn from and converse with experts and stakeholders in the environment and service learning.

Through their Expeditions program, EarthEcho provides instructional videos, lesson plans, service-learning action guides, and more to support project-based learning as well as a robust service learning process. EarthEcho Expeditions program allows educators and classrooms to explore global issues on a local level. Students explore global ocean threats through video, webcasts, photographs, lesson plans, and Action Guides that equip them to lead their learning through local project-based initiatives.