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The EarthEcho Water Challenge is a global initiative designed to connect young people to their water resources through water quality monitoring, allow participants to share their water quality data with a global audience through the EarthEcho Water Challenge online database, and empower participants to take action to protect their local waterways. Individuals, classrooms, and community organizations download the EarthEcho Water Challenge toolkit to begin planning a monitoring event. To get started, order an EarthEcho Water Challenge test kit or apply for a test kit donation. After collecting water quality data, share findings by logging data through the EarthEcho Water Challenge online database, joining over 1.5 million program participants worldwide. Explore EarthEcho Water Challenge online resources to gain additional support and ideas for taking action to protect local water resources. 

EarthEcho Expedition: Water By Design is an exploration of the diverse engineering solutions California's resource managers are implementing in response to the recent 7-year drought. Explore the connection between the Sierra snowpack and the people of Los Angeles. Understand how NASA's satellite technology is used to help water resource managers on Earth. Investigate how seawater and water deep underground play a role in satisfying this thirsty urban region. Discover solutions and actions you can take in your own home or community to conserve water resources.

All EarthEcho Expedition: Water by Design resources are developed collaboratively with and vetted by the 25 participating educators who currently serve as EarthEcho Expedition Fellows. These materials have truly been developed by teachers for teachers to support young people as they develop the skills to take action in their own community around drought and water conservation.

Make A Splash: A Kid's Guide to Protecting Our Oceans, Lakes, Rivers & Wetlands provides a closer look at our oceans and waterways and our role in protecting this water planet.

EarthEcho: Urbanized Water Cycle Lesson Plan: helps students describe the natural movement of water in the hydrologic cycle, identify the state of water as it moves through this cycle and the energy inputs that drive that movement, and understand how increased urbanization impacts the hydrosphere and adjoining biosphere.


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