The Australian Marine Debris Initiative . Live Virtual Field Trip with Tangaroa Blue - panelist

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Hosted by Jodi Jones, marine debris is a global issue and one we need to be innovative and practical in solving the problem, working with the Australian Marine debris database is interesting as she can see how much Australians care for our environment and she is always inventing ways to use our data to drive change and reduce plastic pollution in our environment.

Jodi lives coastal central Queensland in a small town, Boyne Island at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef. Her home is surrounded by an amazing environment and quite a lot of industry (which the town is more known for).

Having worked in conservation fields for more than 15 years she is passionate about making a difference to our environment and protecting wildlife from the human impacts particularly that of our marine life, she started working with the Tangaroa Blue foundation in 2018 as one of the database administration team it has been a fantastic 12 months and she is really looking forward to connecting more people with the AMDI program and seeing less pollution in our environment.


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