EarthEcho Youth Leadership Council Applications are OPEN!

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Thank you for your interest in the EarthEcho International Youth Leadership Council (YLC) and your commitment to environmental sustainability. The application period has closed at this time. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter to stay up to date on the application process for 2020.

The 2019 YLC application included the questions below and the 2020 application process will reopen by March 1, 2020.

Question 1: Why do you want to serve as an EarthEcho International Youth Leadership Council Member? What unique skills and experiences would you bring to the EarthEcho Youth Leadership Council? 

Question 2: Why is teamwork important? Describe a time where you worked as a team member to accomplish a goal or overcome an obstacle.  

Question 3: What is an environmental issue you are passionate about and why? 

You have the option to submit your response to Question 3 in a video response. You may choose to write the essay or submit a video response but not both. The video response cannot exceed 3 minutes. 


As you consider applying for the YLC remember we want to know about more than just your accomplishments, we want to know about your goals and aspirations! The YLC is about acting now to make a difference so show us how you can be the changemaker or innovator that will keep our amazing team moving forward!

Questions & Support:

Contact Gloria Li via email at or 202-350-3190.