Armon Alex

Water Challenge Ambassador

Corpus Christi, TX

Armon Alex is a second-year Undergrad student attending Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, where he is rapidly pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology with an emphasis in Jellie ecology and an Associates in Communication in the field of public relations. An outgoing and outspoken individual who understands the need for STEM education and the importance of protecting our planet. As a STEM Communicator and an environmental advocate, he has prioritized spreading climate crisis awareness, water quality development, fostering the protection of our precious water resources, and the immediate need for public educational outreach. Armon has logged in a massive amount of volunteer hours at the Texas State Aquarium as an Aquateen and as a result, has been award the Presidential Volunteer Service Award. He is currently still present at the aquarium as an Exhibit Host and as an Intern within the HR department focusing on youth volunteers. His current projects include being the Founder of Project WAVES, or Water Assessment of Vital Ecological Systems where his team focuses on the general education and lobbying of South Texas coastal communities. And a water research team that consistently tests the water quality of his local bays and uploads their data to the EarthEcho online data collection as a Senior EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassador.