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Winter & Spring Hangout Schedule

EarthEcho International is excited to bring you our schedule of monthly Google+ Hangouts on Air through May 2014. To date, many classrooms, schools, and supporters from around the world have joined in for these unique opportunities to learn from and interact with experts. We hope that you are able to join us for an upcoming hangout to dive further into dead zones and service learning. Registration links for each hangout will be included, when available. All previous hangouts are recorded and archived on our website and our YouTube page. 


Winter/Spring 2014 Archived Hangouts 

Resolutions on a Better Planet
Join Philippe Cousteau Jr., the EarthEcho Expeditions team, and Youth Service America as we kick off the New Year the right way, by brainstorming how we can help protect our Water Planet. We will be featuring some amazing service projects from across the country and giving tips on how to incorporate helping the planet into your school day. Classrooms can join in and become inspired to take action just in time for MLK Day of Service on January 20, 2013.
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Service Learning in the Dynamic Classroom
Join EarthEcho International and a panel of national partners as we explore the difference between service-learning and community service. How have classrooms across the country made the transition to high quality service learning? How can you guide your students, while allowing their voice to be heard? What “next steps” can you take with your students towards service learning? 
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Behind the Scenes: EarthEcho Expeditions
with National Youth Leadership Council EarthEcho Expeditions is dedicated to local communities engaging youth in improving our Water Planet. Join EarthEcho’s educators, partners, and staff as we give you an inside look at how EarthEcho Expeditions has transformed classrooms and communities, empowered young people, and brought about positive environmental change. We will showcase our resources, share a first hand account from an EarthEcho Educator, and even preview our upcoming Expedition. This is something you won’t want to miss! 
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Connected Classrooms: Virtual Field Trip w/ Florida International University 

Join EarthEcho International as we go on a behind the scenes lab tour with the School of the Environment at Florida International University. In an area normally off limits to visitors, survey a collection of marine mammal skulls and get an inside look at the research FIU is doing to protect our environment.
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Water, Water Everywhere But Is It Safe to Swim? 
Join EarthEcho International, Frenchtown School, and Milford School as we explore ways to protect your local waterways. Classrooms will share examples of water quality monitoring projects in their local communities and how to use your findings to establish service learning and water quality improvement programs. Schools will reflect on current water quality monitoring programs and learn about ways to improve for the future. A great opportunity for students and teachers to come together to improve the learning experience for next year.
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Environmental Project-Based Learning in the STEM Classroom
Join explorer and environmental advocate, Philippe Cousteau Jr., to discuss how to engage students in dialogue and action around the wrold's most salient environmental issues using project-based learning as a primary strategy. Environmental problems provide a robust platform for students to integrate STEM disciplines and apply learning to real-world solutions.
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