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Google “My Maps” Training

Google "My Maps" Training

During the training we utilize this Downloadable Data Set and a Collaborative Map.

Maps are a powerful way to visualize data. From tracking trash & debris during a clean-up to documenting how far students travel to school or depicting pollution issues across the globe, the possibilities are endless. In EarthEcho’s “Rain Check” Action Guide we utilize Google’s “My Maps” tool to document stormwater issues on school grounds.  Join EarthEcho International for an in-depth, virtual tutorial on using “My Maps” in the classroom.

“My Maps” is a collaborative, real time mapping tool which allows you and your students to collect and share data instantly, over many different devices. Learn how to bring the power of Google Maps into your classroom.

**Creating & editing a map in “My Maps” requires a Google email address**
Google email addresses can be created for free at