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Virtual Field Trip: Managing Stormwater with DC Water

Prerecorded On November 19th

Join EarthEcho International and DC Water for a truly behind-the-scenes look at how the nation’s capital is combatting its storm and wastewater pollution problems. Engineer James Wonneberg will take you 100 feet underground to explore Washington, DC’s new stormwater tunnels: over 13 miles of massive tunnels that hold and treat storm and wastewater before it pollutes local waterways. From there, engineer Bethany Bezak will take you to the highest point in DC, the top of a drinking water reservoir surrounded by green infrastructure. Both of these sites offer two different solutions to DC’s storm and wastewater overflow problem, but together they are creating a cleaner, greener, healthier city, Chesapeake Bay, and water planet.  

This virtual field trip focuses on Next Generation Science Standards relating to Engineering Design, Earth and Human Activity, and Earth’s Systems.


To learn more about Lady Bird and the tunnel project visit: 

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