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EarthEcho Fall, Food, and Field Trips

As the holiday season approaches, much of the focus in homes and classrooms across the country will be on food. This month we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving, which is hands down my favorite holiday. I love that Thanksgiving is a day completely dedicated to family, friends, and food. Oh, the food! It’s the perfect time of year to discuss how we are connected to the food we eat and how that food is connected to our environment.

Where does the food on your Thanksgiving table originate? How was it grown or processed? What journey did it take to get to your table? Here at EarthEcho, and in my own home, we think about the life cycle of the food we eat and how it impacts our environment and water systems. Everything from the seeds to the fertilizers to harvest and transportation have an impact on our air and water quality.  

Last year, while filming EarthEcho Expedition: Into the Dead Zone, we met with a farmer in Lancaster County, PA, who is doing all that he can to lessen his impact on the Chesapeake Bay watershed. This December, we will take another look at agriculture through a virtual field trip with the Lancaster County Conservation District. We will meet farmers across the country who are ensuring a sustainable future for everyone by preserving their land and protecting their waterways.These farmers are growing their food organically, creating buffers between their farms and local streams, and managing their waste strategically. Sign-up here to receive details on the upcoming virtual field trip.

This year, as you plan your holiday menus, think about your impact on the environment. Consider choosing locally grown and produced, heirloom varieties, heritage breeds, organics, vegetarian options, free-range poultry, or grass-fed beef – there are a range of options to fit into any lifestyle. Plan your menu around local, seasonal foods. Talk with farmers and growers at your local farmers’ markets about how their food is produced and grown. It turns out Thanksgiving is a great holiday for reflection as well as for giving thanks. Bon appetite!


Philippe Cousteau Jr.