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Carnival of the Green #27

Carnival of the Green # 27Before we begin, a few acknowledgements and details. Thanks to City Hippy and Triple Pundit for organizing this roving digest. If you are interested in hosting it one week, see their sites for details. Thanks also to Hippy Shopper for hosting Carnival #26 on May 8, 2006, and Website Design and Promotion, who will host Carnival #28 on May 22, 2006.

In honor of Mother's Day, we are happy to pay tribute to Mother Earth by passing along these submissions on everything from rust to Whole Foods to infertility. Mom would be so proud. Read on.

Early Exposure to Pesticide: Revisited

Joel Fuhrman, M.D., who authors, discusses the risks associated with pesticide residue on produce and references an article appearing on, written by David Liu Ph.D.

Environmentally Friendly Rust Removal

Kent Swanson of The Practical Environmentalist provides a tip on eco-friendly rust removal.

Maybe Baby

The Worsted Witch (a.k.a. Jasmin Chua) offers this post on how synthetic chemicals are undermining our fertility and our children’s' futures.

Whole Foods Talks Dollars and Sense

Enrique at commonground provides a link to this recent New York Times article (and a couple of others) on Whole Foods. Here’s a sampling, "Whole Foods perceived elitism—encouraged by the company or not—has earned it a cultlike following among well-heeled, health-obsessed professionals, who consider it a badge of honor to buy their fair-trade organic coffee, cage-free eggs and hydrogenated-oil-free cookies there."

Update: Where to Share a Car

Thinking about signing up for a car-sharing service? Elsa from the greener side charts the car-sharing features offered by Zipcar, Flexcar, and City CarShare so you can decide what's the best deal.

Happy Endangered Species Day!

With a list of suggestions on ways to celebrate Endangered Species Day (via the National Audubon Society), A Concerned Scientist echoes the Senate's resolution calling for, "The people of the United States to become educated about, and aware of, the threats to species, success stories in species recovery, and the opportunity to promote species conservation worldwide."

USDA Criticized for Helping "Industrialize" Organic Farming

The Savvy Vegetarian (a.k.a. Judy Kingsbury) offers this excerpt from The Cornucopia Institute article about the latest USDA industrial organic caper, with comments, links, and suggestions on saving organic food.

Clean Technology Going Mainstream?

In this post—part of an online dialogue between the World Bank

and IFC on the future of the carbon market—author Rachel Kyte asks whether clean

technology is going mainstream, and whether Al Gore's latest documentary is

a sign of the new times to come for investors.

This Mother's Day, Consider the Chemical Cocktail You’ll Pass on to the Next Generation

Laura Lynn Klein, publisher of, submits this recent study by the Environmental Working Group. The study tested the blood and urine samples of four mothers and their daughters looking for a common relationship between the "body burden," or the chemical cocktail of industrial pollutants that's found in the human blood stream, of mothers and their daughters. Find out what the study revealed!

Shop Local

Manchester editor Ian, over at CityHippy, discusses how lucky he is to be able to shop locally and shows how we can all support our local economies a little bit more.

Recycle and Renew

Harlan, managing editor at Greener Magazine, suggests you recycle your emergency evacuation food supply and help the Letter Carriers Food Drive.

Companies for the Little Green Portfolio

Camden Lady offers a summary of green AIM-listed companies that she’s intending to research and possibly include in her pension portfolio. There are so many innovative businesses out there creating better ways of generating power, reducing waste, and using resources better.


Deanna invites bloggers everywhere to blog on Tuesday, May 16th, in a "Stop the Divine Strake" Blogswarm Day. The Divine Strake Test, scheduled to be detonated at the Nevada Test Site in June, is an explosion of 700 tons of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil that will send a mushroom cloud two miles into the air. Analysts predict it will stir up contaminated soil from past nuclear tests at the site, sending radiation downwind and potentially affecting the environment and health of citizens in surrounding states. The test is also yet another violation of the Treaty of Ruby Valley, since the site sits on Western Shoshone Land and the U.S. Government has never gained permission to hold tests on that parcel of land. Dee of Dee's 'Dotes is also helping to organize a massive action at the test site on May 28th. Details can be read on her blog at Everyone, please register to participate in the blogswarm!

Paradise Lost…to Plastic

And, finally, EarthEcho's own Alexandra Cousteau is reminded of the importance of recycling plastic during a recent trip to Ambergris Caye.

It's been a pleasure hosting Carnival of the Green. Be sure to check out next week's postings at Website Design and Promotion. Until then, remember we are all upstream from one another. Cheers.