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  • Shark fin soup - Part 2

    Speaking at the signing of the anti-shark finning law. Following the release of Jaws, that 1970s thriller about an evil man-eating Great White shark, the public image of this extraordinary animal took a turn for the worse. Fear and misunderstanding of sharks became a part of the psyche of generations of people from all over the world. In spite of growing conservation concerns, “Save the sharks!” would have rallied…

  • Shark fin soup . . . yuck!

    The first time I went to Panama, I visited a place called Puerto Mutis on the Pacific coast. In spite of being tiny, the port is one of the most important in the country where many local fishermen unload their daily catch. And, because there was no law regulating shark fisheries, shark fins were a common sight drying along the side of the highway by the hundreds or even thousands. Some of the fins from the baby sharks…