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Green Graduation Gifts

Green grad cap.jpgWondering what to get the graduate in your family? How about getting them something that’s eco-friendly and matches their interests? Eco-friendly doesn’t necessarily mean an organic shirt or Fair Trade items, although those are great as well. You can get something related to your graduate’s interests that he/she will use longer term or something for his/her next stage in life, be it college or entering the “real” world. Some ideas:

  • An adventure: They’ve graduated and have the whole summer in front of them—it’s time for some adventure! Excitations or the Green Tortoise Bus Tour provide some fun experiences that they’ll remember for a long time.
  • Transportation: Whether it’s a brand new bike and/or related accessories, or a Eurail pass to help them on their wanderings, having a way to get around is always appreciated it (if it’s an old car, you might want to promote the biking!).
  • Sports equipment: Encourage him/her to spend time outdoors and play their favorite sport. Whether it’s at the park or on a field, they’re still experiencing a bit of nature and hopefully learning to appreciate and respect it!
  • Music: No, I don’t mean CDs, I mean a gift card for music downloads, from a source such as iTunes. If they don’t have an iPod or MP3 player, that might be an option. While you’re at it, you can also get a solar charger like Solio to help them power it up (or power up their cell phone, which they are sure to be using!).
  • Eco-friendly furniture: Be it for their dorm room in college or their apartment out of college, or even after grad school, home-related items are always welcome (but make sure they match your graduate’s tastes!!). Choices include: Ikea, Eco-Furniture, 2modern (their eco-friendly section), Re-Modern and Vivavi, among many others.
  • Eco-friendly anything! There are so many products out there, there’s bound to be one that fits his/her tastes. Great Green Goods is a blog to check out on eco-friendly items to buy. Take a look, or make something (as always, a good option for the creative types).

Let us know of other ideas you’ve come up with!