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Green Information Overload!

Www_links.jpgIf you’re like me, and others in the US right now, you’re hearing about how to be green from your morning anchor person, the sign at your supermarket, and your dry cleaner. So who should you listen to and how can you figure out which sources are the most accurate? Well, there’s good and bad news. The good news is that there are a lot of valid sources; the bad news is, well, the same. Below, I’ve picked out and described a few of the major resource sites. I’ve tried to keep the list short, so as not to be overwhelming, but there really are a lot of great sites out there!

Which conventional product is the most eco-friendly?

  • Environmental Working Group: Their consumer tools section provides information on which regular products are safe to use. This ranges from cosmetics to vegetables and fish.
  • Greener Choices: Hosted by Consumer Reports, this site rates appliances, cars, and electronics, among others.
  • Lite Green: International site that rates different mainstream products, ranging from H&M clothing to Coca-Cola.

Which green product should I buy?

  • EcoLabels: Consumer Union’s guide to environmental labels. You can search by label, logo, or certifier.
  • SustainLane: Directory of green products and businesses rated by the user community.
  • FiveLimes: Canadian site for green products, rated by users.
  • Pristine Planet: Offers comparison-shopping capabilities for green products with coupons and product reviews.

Where can I get general info on green lifestyle?

  • Treehugger (of course!): Aims to be a one-stop “shop for green news, solutions, and product information.”
  • Hugg: User-submitted news stories related to all aspects of the environment. Get bite-sized info and decide whether you want to read more and rate it (kind of like Digg).
  • RiverWired: Compiles news from about 200 sites and categorizes them—lots of info!

Now it’s your turn to look through these resources and figure out which you like best. Also, feel free to tell us your favorites so we can add them to the list!