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Green Your Resolution

So have you decided what your New Year’s resolution will be yet? Same as last year’s? Still resolving to give up the chocolate, stop smoking, or lose the weight? No worries—you have plenty of time to do it from now on. AND you can do it and be green at the same time, so it benefits both you and the planet.



  • Get fit and lose weight by walking and biking: About 70% of car trips are less than five miles or less, so get on that bike or put on your walking shoes. If you’re traveling long distances, you can offset your car or airplane carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits from companies like TerraPass.
  • Simplify your life and reduce stress: Apply the recycling slogan, “reduce, reuse, recycle” to all parts of your life—see what you can get rid of, reuse, or give away and make room in the New Year. This also includes buying used and trading on sites such as Freecyle.
  • Save some money: One easy way to do this is to reduce your energy use: Does the TV really need to be on in the background while you do your chores? How about all the lights? Why not change them to the compact fluorescent (CFL) kind? Bonus: You can put the money you save in a socially responsible fund and watch it grow.

If you’re really curious about your impact on the environment, you can calculate your ecological footprint and from there, decide what else you’d like to change. Remember, it takes at least 30 days to create a new habit, so if you’re serious about that resolution, keep doing it daily for 30 days. It’ll become easier and easier to make it part of your lifestyle.