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Green Your Valentine

Heart pic.jpgValentine’s Day is just around the corner, and whether you have a special date, want to treat a friend, or are single and plan on treating yourself to something beautiful and/or sweet, there are lots of earth-friendly choices out there. Personally, I think Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday, but I won’t say no to a box of chocolates or some beautiful flowers (hint, hint). So, whether you’re pro- or anti-V Day, here are some ideas for you:



  • Traditionalists: Put less pesticides in the waterways and show your sweetheart you care about her/him AND the environment by buying organic flowers. For those more inclined towards sweets, buy Fair Trade chocolates and stop buying products that support child labor in West Africa, where much of the cocoa beans are picked. Personally, I love chocolate, so I have lots of recommendations. Three of my favorites are Endangered Species, Divine, and Dagoba. Jewelry is another good one if you like going the traditional route. I won’t go into the atrocities of the diamond mining trade, since I’m sure most of you have seen Blood Diamond, but needless to say, there are other alternatives when purchasing diamonds. And for those who like jewelry but not rocks, check out Eco-Artware for some fun and funky pieces.
  • Romantics: If your idea of Vday is a nice bottle of wine with some, um, massage oil, indulge the natural way. We all know, by now (I hope) that moderate wine intake is good for you and for your heart, so have some that’s also good for Mother Earth (sorry if I’m bringing in any unwanted images while you’re trying to be romantic) and show your partner you care that much more with all-natural massage oils.
  • Creatives: If you’re a little more adventurous, you can cook an organic meal or write a poem. Both are personal, use your creativity, and minimize the impact you have while showing you care. Plus you put some effort and thought into the gift - that counts for a lot, at least in my book!
  • Anti-gift-givers: Some of you don’t believe in gifts for Vday, but still want to show that you care. Send an e-card or pick up a recycled card or just an eco-friendly knick-knack (you don’t have to give it on Vday, after all).
  • Anti-Vday-ers: Are you totally anti-Vday, regardless of whether you’re single or part of a couple? Then forget the holiday, and just pamper yourself. Get together with friends, and crack open a bottle of wine - yes, the organic kind! Or if you’re in the mood for a quiet night, take a nice warm bath with natural oils. There are lots out there, though pick one that’s certified organic.

If you have other recommendations or ideas or products that you really like, we’d love to hear from you.