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Let’s go shopping . . .

blog-giftbag.jpgDo we really need to? Maybe. If you aren't looking forward to battling the crowds and waiting in long lines while listening to ‘Here Comes Santa Claus,’ but want to show your love and keep it green, you’ve got many choices.

  • Get creative, use your talents: write a song, paint a portrait, give a foot massage, you get the idea
  • Give an experience: theater or concert tickets, a cooking class, a spa day, a ride in a hot air balloon (I particularly like that one!)
  • Subscribe or donate: Subscribe to an eco magazine, make a contribution to a green organization such as the Ocean Conservancy on behalf of your loved one, or adopt a sea turtle or other ocean animal in his/her name from Oceana.

If you'd still like to give something tangible, consider green gifts and using the Internet, since it's easier and allows you to avoid the craziness of the malls

  • Buy gifts with little packaging: For example, music downloads instead of CDs
  • Shop green: There are quite a few sites with green gifts, such as EcoMall and Gaiam. For more ideas, check out these great green gift guides from Treehugger and Co-op America.

And if you're brave enough to get out there, remember to use a cloth or reusable bag to do your shopping and say no to plastic!