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Our Things Define Us

As I was reviewing some of my favorite websites and blogs today, I came across a description of "stuff" on that I wanted to share with you. Being an environmentalist and a consumer is sometimes hard to reconcile but I found this to be a very eloquent account of the importance of being informed and thoughtful about what we buy.

"Our things define us. What we buy, what we use, what we keep and throw away, what we waste, and what we save: the stuff that surrounds us and flows through our lives is a key indicator of the kinds of lives we're living. To be an affluent twenty-first-century person is to float on a sea of material objects - each with its own history and future. They may be hidden from our eyes, but in practical global terms, those histories and futures tend to be the most important aspects of the stuff we own."

Do you want to know more about "Strategic Consumption" and how you can send major market signals that will help to shift the production practices of the industries that supply us with our "stuff"? Check out this excellent blog entry by Alex Steffen.