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Remember Mother Earth on Mother’s Day

White_flower_by_the_pool_site.jpgMother's Day is right around the corner! Show your mom (or any of the amazing women in your life) you love her and Mother Earth (it is Mother's Day after all - it shouldn't be just for humans!). Here are some eco-friendly ideas:

  • Spend quality time with her: We're so busy running around, that even when we are with others, we're thinking about something else half the time. Focus on just her for a few hours.
  • Cook! Especially if you don't usually do it: There are plenty of great recipes even for people (like me) who aren't master chefs. You can make her brunch, dinner, or just a snack - and spend more quality time with her! Check out the Edens Food or web sites.
  • Get her a subscription to a "green" magazine: There are more and more out there - odds are, you can find one that focuses on her favorite topic and is environmentally friendly, like Natural Home, Organic Gardening, and Organic Spa. You can also go for something less mainstream, like A Real Life.
  • And while we're on the subject, another option is a gift certificate to an organic spa: Check out one that's near her.
  • Or how about some organic bath and body products? I seem to be stuck on the spa theme - the idea of massage sounds heavenly right now, but I digress...
  • Write her a note or a letter: Remember writing and how good it felt to get something handwritten in the mail? When was the last time you wrote your mom? Now's the time. Don't forget to do it on recycled or tree free paper!
  • Then there's the old standby - flowers: Always a great gift, whatever the occasion. I'd suggest ordering flowers or a plant from a store that is near your mother's, to decrease emissions created from transportation, or at least one that has organic flowers, such as Organic Bouquet or California Organic Flowers.
  • For those of you who feel like doing some serious shopping for mom: Check out Gaiam, GreenFeet, Commondi (if you're in Canada), and all the fun stuff on the Internet. Happy planning! or

AND we'd love to hear what you're thinking of doing for Mother's Day that is also eco-friendly.