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Take a Shower, Naturally

by Anca

Environmental Working Group's (EWG) web site among many others.

So what's a girl or guy to do? You're still going to shower, shave, use lotion, and you still want to smell good or at least "clean" (though I never understood that–shouldn't clean mean you don't smell at all?). Well, here are some ideas:

  • Take inventory and get rid of personal care products with fragrances: Go through the products in your bathroom and throughout the house and identify products that contain fragrances and chemicals you can't pronounce. If in doubt, refer to the review of products conducted by the Environmental Working Group
  • Read & understand labels: Look for products with organic ingredients or make sure you understand the ingredients. Some companies have taken a pledge to not use chemicals suspected of causing cancer, mutation or birth defects.
  • Use unscented products or those with natural fragrances: Be aware that there is a difference between "scent-free" and "unscented". Some "scent-free" products may use chemicals to hide the smell. In addition, there are no industry-wide standards for what the word "natural" refers to, so remember to read the labels. One great line of products that uses all-natural ingredients and that we love is Perfect Organics. Check them out!
  • Help the planet, too: Buy items with less packaging and opt for non-aerosol. Given a choice between a bar of soap and a liquid cleanser, opt for the bar (but be sure it’s made from plant and not animal extracts). As for hair styling, grab some mousse or gel instead of aerosol hairspray. The 80s are over, not to mention that solvents evaporate quickly and get into your lungs and the air, especially if they are sprayed or misted.

For more info, check out the Less Toxic Guide. Happy primping!

Note: Perfect Organics 3 in 1 Ultimate Body Wash is paraben and sodium laurel sulfate free, multi-use, for men, women and children. The product is also biodegradable and does not contain water. . . which helps conserve water.