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Virtual Field Trip: Eat Less Plastic

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019, at 1:00 p.m **PLEASE NOTE time change**

We are excited to bring to you exciting videos, engaging lessons and more from our EarthEcho Expeditions: PlasticSeas!

In celebration of the release of Expedition: PlasticSeas we are hosting a virtual field trip hosted by Magen Schifiliti, Conservation and Education Director at Trilogy Excursions. This virtual field trip will give background information about the global plastic problem and why single-use plastics are harmful to the environment at large, our oceans in particular, and specifically the impacts that our EarthEcho team found in Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne, Australia.  This event will focus on the issues associated specifically with microplastics and discuss Magen’s experience and findings on the Eat Less Plastic Voyage. Magen will also share positive solutions and stories of what people are doing in their local communities to combat the plastic problem.

In this event, EarthEcho will introduce the new resources included in EarthEcho Expeditions: PlasticSeas and charge young people with developing and sharing solutions to the global plastics pollution problem!

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