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Virtual Field Trip: Exploring Hydrothermal Vents with Schmidt Ocean Institute

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Recorded: April 27, 2016 

hydrothermal vent

We are once again heading aboard the R/V Falkor with Schmidt Ocean Institute for a unique virtual field trip! Join the ship and their scientists in the South Pacific as they explore hydrothermal vents using remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Led by scientist Chuck Fisher, we will explore the ship and get a first look at the data his team is collecting.

The remotely operated vehicle (ROV) ROPOS will travel up to nine thousand feet to the deep seafloor of the Lau Basin. Once on the bottom, the extremely versatile ROV will perform a range of scientific tasks including visual and sonar surveys, collecting specimens and samples, and taking environmental measurements. All the research conducted on this hydrothermal vent expedition will be facilitated by the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) ROPOS. From a sensor onboard ROPOS, scientists will conduct high-resolution bathymetric surveys at six hydrothermal vent fields to look for evidence of tectonic or volcanic events that alter the environment. These high-resolution bathymetric maps will also provide insight into geological processes for more than two dozen long-term study sites members of the team established in 2005 and 2006. At each site, high-resolution two- and three-dimensional mosaics  and advanced in situ chemical and temperature sensors will be used to document the fine-scale spatial ecology of hydrothermal vents, the effect vent animals have on the local water chemistry, and temporal ecosystem changes.

Explore a little known environment, view data collected by ROVs, and converse with field scientists, register for this one of a kind virtual field trip!  

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