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Virtual Field Trip: ROV SuBastian in Action

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December 7, 2pm Eastern

EarthEcho is excited to, once again, join Schmidt Ocean Institute’s research vessel Falkor as the scientists onboard spend the months of November and December near the Mariana Trench, home to the deepest part of our ocean. Scientists aboard Falkor will explore several new hydrothermal vent areas that were discovered last year. The team is returning to get a first-ever look at the sites and lifeforms found there with Schmidt Ocean Institute’s new 4500 m ROV SuBastian.


Research Professor, Bill Chadwick, will explain how the research aboard the R/V Falkor aims to confirm that different vent sites in the Mariana subduction system - specifically the arc and back-arc areas - have distinct ecosystems. During the 2015 cruise, the science team detected the new back-arc vents and remotely mapped them using AUV Sentry. During this cruise scientists will use the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s brand-new 4,500 m capable remotely operated vehicle (ROV) SuBastian to visually explore biodiversity and characterize the fluid chemistry and geology of these sites.


Join EarthEcho International and Schmidt Ocean Institute for an interactive conversation with leading experts in seafloor exploration and the technology needed to explore one of the most extreme environments on Earth. We expect a lively discussion about what factors influence biodiversity and the potential to discover previously unknown organisms in the depths!

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