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Virtual Field Trip with the West Basin Municipal Water District

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018, at 1:00 p.m. ET



Join EarthEcho International on a virtual field trip to the West Basin Municipal Water District water recycling facility.  Participants will receive an introduction to the agency’s water conservation and water recycling programs and delve deeper into the agency’s ocean water desalination research effort as a possible future drinking water supply.

Darryl Ramos-Young, Public Information Specialist, will lead us on an investigation of the state of freshwater resources in Southern California. After 7 years of severe drought, the West Basin Municipal Water District continues to develop innovative solutions to manage the local water resources. Essential to implementing those solutions is educating people on water conservation and evidence-based solutions water resource management for the citizens Southern California. EarthEcho traveled to SoCal this past October for our EarthEcho Expedition: Water By Design.  This virtual field trip celebrates the launch of our classroom materials and digital resources that teachers can download from the EarthEcho website to support their students developing lasting solutions to water conservation and protection.









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