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Warped Tour-Atlanta

They don't call it "hotlanta" for nothing. Last year in Atlanta I threw up from the heat. This year was not quite as hot as least but it still was very,very humid. On the upside a lot of the sponsors are really starting to step up their game. Chris from Epitaph ran contests out of his booth to collect encourage kids to collect recyclables today. He gave away a few shirts and some bandannas as well. Luis from Alternative Press required that every person who came to a signing at his tent today brought a bottle to be recycled and he handed over several large bags at the end of the day. Jasmine from Boarding for Breast cancer collects the plastic six pack holders from catering and cuts them up. The stage managers collected 86 batteries to be recycled...our largest gathering to date.

Even just one bottle at a time, one piece of plastic to be recycled-it adds up to a big help. Today was also the first in a twelve day stretch with no off days so let's hope everyone can hang in there.

Oh and if you get a second check out for a blog from Angels and Airwaves on the Warped Eco Initiative.

Everything you do makes a difference!