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Warped Tour-Houston

Every so often, I run into a day where the venues plan for recycling isn’t on par with how I wish to have the day operate. I then must run around all morning coordinating pick-ups with the waste hauler and making sure all of those involved with maintenance/cleaning of the venue are on point with how the WEI volunteers will operate. This is exactly what happened in Houston. But, it somehow all came together! I have a theory: if the Warped Tour venue has a dirt ground, lacking in aesthetic appeal and design, people will litter more. This stood true in Houston. There is something about the dusty air and lack of shade that gives concert goers an “I don’t give a crap and I’m going to throw my trash on the ground” attitude. Perhaps I’m over analyzing but despite an AMAZINGLY AWESOME effort put forth by our volunteers the venue still looked heavily littered at the end of the show.

On a happier note, we were privileged to host both Mayday Parade and Panima in the solar booth who performed completely off clean, solar energy. Participation in the “collect a bag of recyclables, get a free t-shirt” offer was off the charts and we managed to fill a 20 cubic yard dumpster with plastic bottles and aluminum cans!

-Erin Gorski

P.S. There was over 15,600 people at this with only our 20 volunteers and some kids that helped during the day, I'm going to say we didn't do half bad! Today we also welcomed David of Angels and Airwaves to the recycling team and as always Matt and Matt represented for their respective bands. -TaRa