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Warped Tour-Las Cruces


We had the day off in Gallup, New Mexico before Las Cruces. Erin and I walked a mile down "historic Route 66" to a Subway (one of the only places to eat in town) at a Loves Travel Plaza. We got honked at by truckers over ten times on our brief journey. Luckily, she also found Nilla wafers at the gas station and guess what we found out.

1. Gallup New Mexico is not somewhere either of us desire to reside.

2. Nilla wafers come in 100% recycled cardboard packaging.

It turns out you can get cookies in recycled packaging easier then you can get recycling at a venue in New Mexico. The venue had no plan in place today so our volunteers came in and saved the day yet again. I think a lot of people just assume whatever they throw away will be recycled or at least I'd like to think it's more a misunderstanding then a lack of interest in the future of the spaces we all have to share. Sadly, many of these venues just scoop up and trash everything at the end of the day. I read yesterday that only 23% of plastic bottles ever get recycled and only 45% of aluminum cans.

We've been trying to show the venues that lack recycling how easy it is and hopefully warped tour can leave a big green footprint in each place we've been through and help bump up those numbers. What was collected today was soley what our volunteers were able to haul... Several hundred pounds of recyclables later and we had successfully saved a fair amount from ending up in the landfill.

As it started to get late Erin noticed one of the venue's employees picking through trash cans and pulling out bottles. When we spoke with her she told us she does it at every show,it's not her job too but she just feels like it's the right thing to do. She is a perfect example of how everyone of us can do something.

Salt Lake tomorrow!

Everything you do makes a difference,



If your going to a show...pick up the bottles or cans you see and put them in the proper place.

Hint: proper place is NOT the ground.