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Warped Tour-Orlando

Someone told me it was 102 degrees today and that seems like a conservative estimate. If you haven't noticed a theme here...warped tour is almost always very, very hot. The heat did not put a damper on our recycling efforts. The Trojan tent ran a contest today for every bag brought to them full of bottles and cans they gave away a huge prize pack. Not to be outdone, AT&T provided us with their much coveted cut passes to give away to four of our most ambitious volunteers. If you didn't think recycling paid off before...imagine getting to walk smugly past a line of 240 people to be the very first to meet Cobra Starship or We the Kings as four lucky warped tour guests did today.

I've been kind of baffled by the kids who ask to buy shirts from us or cut passes but don't want to take a minute to actually get their hands dirty and help out. Why would you want to by a shirt that says you are an activist but not actually be one? That momentary bummer is always far out shined by the incredible volunteers we meet and the bands that keep coming out to help the cleanup efforts everyday. Our autograph signing with Alesana was a lot of fun and they sold a bunch of cd's for $5 (half price!) to anyone that brought cans or bottles. Erin is on a rampage and has been collecting bags and bags of bottles all day. She hasn't come back to the tour bus yet and I'm not sure if we'll see her before sunset. I collected a few bags myself and Beat Union from the UK has joined forces with us and is going to be running contests out of their tent now.The Eco-army of warped tour is growing. Be warned!

I'm going to try to get a shower in before the line gets too long.

Everything you do makes a difference!