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Warped Tour-Phoenix


Yesterday was a day of firsts...we had a girl show up with a bag of cellphones to be recycled,we had our first signing at our tent and it rained in Arizona for what the kids told me was the first time since March. The signing at the tent yesterday was with the always eco-friendly lead singer, Fred of the aptly named band The Color Fred. Fred was in a little band called Taking Back Sunday for awhile and I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot more about him as the summer rolls on. He's vegan,he drives a veggie oil car and his shirts feature two "green" designs with tips for more earth friendly living on the tags. Needless to say, we love him already.

For the first time this tour we also rewarded our two best volunteers by taking them up on stage to see Angels and Airwaves and they were extra stoked to get their picture taken with Tom after the set.

Speaking of Angels and Airwaves, I ran into my friend Matt who plays bass in A&A on the catering line today as he was picking up cans left behind by some less conscientious crew. That's one of the best things about warped tour. You have Matt Watcher, bass player in one of the biggest bands on the tour walking around and picking up cans. I mean if he can find time to do it, what's your excuse?!?

I got to catch a full Against Me! set for the first time yesterday and they played "Walking is Still Honest" which happens to be one of my favorite songs...pretty much ever. We get in our recycling bins for the bands buses today and the amazing recycled bean bag chairs that will be filled with empty plastic bags as stuffing in Salt Lake so it just keeps getting better and better...and hotter and hotter.

Everything you do makes a difference!