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Warped Tour-Pomona

Last summer Earth Echo International ran their sponsor contest where the most eco-friendly sponsor won a trip to Key West with a Warped Tour band. I was lucky enough to win that trip while working for and even luckier to have been asked to join Erin and the Warped Eco Initiative out on the road this year. This is my third year on the tour and I couldn't be happier to be back. The first day of tour is always a bit like the first day of school with just a bit more dirt and a lot more tattoos. Im covered in dust,I smell terrible and I'm dehydrated...and I cant wait to do it all again tomorrow.

The scope of the tour and the eco-initiative is massive and I'm looking forward to telling you guys all about it in the coming weeks. The most amazing sight (and sound)of the tour so far is the solar powered stage. It's nearly as big as the main stages and I would say sounds arguably as loud. I was in awe as band after band came on and off, each one playing guitars,drums,basses...all powered 100% by the sun. I think this stage can and will serve as an example to the entire touring world, that there is a sustainable, green option for just about everything and you don't have to compromise on quality.

This venue was different then most we will encounter on the rest of the tour because they use Burrtec,a material recovery facility which picks up all the trash produced at the show and hauls it to their facility.They then place all the trash on a conveyor belt and actually sort out all of the recyclable materials that were mixed in with the trash. I was especially impressed by the dedication of  the volunteers that came out today and helped us pick up the bags of recyclables that didn't make it into trash cans. There were returning volunteers, some who had been coming to help out for a few years now and the help they provide is immeasurable. Or rather I suppose it is pounds of plastic they save from going into the trash!!!

Bear with me as I get settled into th tour and start checking back for guest blogs and videos from your favorite warped bands on what they are doing to keep the warped tour green.

Come by the tent and say hi and bring ten bottles or cans to recycle with you and you can enter the contest too! I've got to run to the showers before our bus leaves, very early, at the 10 pm bus call tonight. I'm especially excited to be in the very eco-friendly San Fransisco area tomorrow (a city where they charge you if you dont bring your own bags to the stores) and you can find vegan food on every corner.