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Warped Tour-Ventura


We're getting settled into the tour as we coasted into day 3 in Ventura,CA with incredible volunteers and quite a bit of heat. We are getting the setup of the two solar tents down and Erin and I have big plans for the rest of the summer as more bands and sponsors are learning about the Eco-initiative and looking to become more involved.

Angels and Airwaves and Cobra starship both said they are starting recycling on their buses and one by one more bands are getting involved. We got an incredible donation from Mrs. Meyers cleaning products for all of the buses on the tour this year so every band will be stocked with Eco-friendly, cruelty free products. The entire tour is really committed to becoming more Eco-friendly.... right down to the aluminum can the official tour water comes in.

bout halfway through the day I saw a group of guys walk by and reach into the trash can in front of our tent. They pulled out an old sign post,that someone else had thrown away,ripped off the poster and quickly re-purposed it into a sign to promote their own band. The said they had found the sharpie they used too. It might seem like something small, but every little thing adds up. One band's trash is another's treasure, I suppose.

smft.jpg Check them out on myspace if you get a chance and thank them for being down for the cause!


Despite the size of the tour (something like over 900 of us traveling together from show to show), at the very core of everything is still a very DIY, punk mentality and it's exciting to be in the middle of all the time. We have collected over 3,000 pounds of recyclables that would have otherwise been destined for the landfill, I've climbed into one very deep dumpster and we've had ridiculously good vegan pie for dessert... and it's only day three. I'm looking forward to the day off tomorrow and then the show in Phoenix.

Everything you do makes a difference!