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  • Who Will Make The White House - Green?

    Change is happening in our political process. And that means a change in the way America looks at environmental issues. Recently, a friend of mine turned me on to the website - League of Conservation Voters. It’s a website where The People can gather information on how their political leaders measure up on environmental issues. If you happen to be on the fence of which candidate to back in the forthcoming election, and if the…

  • Our New Friend From Big D and The Kids Table

    It's always exciting for me to meet people who are making change happen. I have met them in countries the world over and find that, invariably, they are the ones that inspire me and give me energy to continue working together towards the dream of a planet protected. They are, for me, the heroes of our common future. As Paul Hawken says, "A sustainable society will only come about through the accumulated actions of billions of eager participants." Sounds like a…