Youth Leadership Council


EarthEcho’s Youth Leadership Council (YLC) is a platform for today’s emerging trailblazers and visionaries in the environmental space. Comprised of diverse leaders, ages 15-22, each YLC member has demonstrated an ability to engage and mobilize their peers and their communities to change the world. Through EarthEcho’s platforms, YLC members are empowered to develop programs and conduct outreach to youth across the globe. Members also support our work to empower young people to change our planet by providing valuable insight and expertise from a youth perspective to the development of our programs and work. 

As part of our work to cultivate young environmental leaders, YLC members have the unique opportunity to serve in an advisory capacity and gain an understanding of the operations of an international non-profit organization. YLC members help expand the impact of our programs, interact with leaders in the fields of conservation and education, gain access to resources to explore personal conservation interests, and have the opportunity to serve as a youth member on EarthEcho’s Board of Directors. 

YLC Campaigns

Supported by the Bezos Family Foundation program Students Rebuild and The Starbucks Foundation, Future in the Bag (#FITBag) campaign was conceived of and runs for and by youth through EarthEcho’s Youth Leadership Council (YLC)!  This community-centered campaign provides resources and tools to jumpstart reusable bag swap stations and support for local plastic bag ordinances. It is estimated that one person using only reusable bags over their lifetime removes 22,000 plastic bags from the supply chain so we know the impact just one reusable bag will make.
Youth Leadership Council members have established FITBag stations at:
and a local fruit market in Melbourne, Australia
Now it's up to YOUth to spread this message across the U.S.
The Youth Leadership Council has developed a Community Action Guide to support anyone in joining this campaign. The Guide contains everything you need to set up your own bag station except the bags which can be made of collected in your own community. Check it out to find tips and tricks to work with market partners PLUS information on how to create a movement against single-use plastic bags in your own community by working with leaders to develop bag bans and other ordinance measures.
Take one now, leave one later because OUR Future's in the BAG! #FITBag


Meet our YLC Members

We’re proud to work with this outstanding group of young leaders who help drive our work to empower their peers around the globe to take an active role in protecting our planet.

Armon Alex

Ugo Angeletti

Apurva Ayengar

John Bandek

Kehkashan Basu

Akhila Bandlora

Olivia Blondheim

Greyson Graham

Hayley Charlton-Howard

Rayan Krishnan

Jackson Madden

Nicolás Miranda Chesta

Demetri Sedita

Lucy Skelton

Victor Ye

Lili Zebluim


EarthEcho YLC members play an active role in their communities, taking action around the issues they care about, and work collaboratively to mobilize their peers to protect our planet. Read highlights of their recent campaigns and efforts.


Get Involved

Are you a young person who is passionate about protecting the planet? Our YLC invites you to connect with their efforts and campaigns throughout the year. To learn more, sign-up for our newsletter or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to be the first to hear about YLC initiatives and how you can activate your peers to join in these efforts. 

If you are between the ages of 15-22 and interested in joining the YLC, learn more about the application process