Virtual Field Trip: Aquaponics 101- Panelists

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Mr. Jim Trogdon:

After 25 years of teaching middle school science, Jim has found experiential learning to be the most successful educational environment. His students at Coventry Middle School in Akron, Ohio, work collaboratively with Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio State University’s Stone Lab Aquatic Research Center, The Wilds in Cumberland, OH and EarthEcho International.  Part of their work in the field involves their own unique aquatic community as Coventry Middle School is surrounded by a group of glacial kettle lakes that provide water for industry, recreation, and a rich history as feeder lakes for the Ohio and Erie Canal. Jim and his students work year round with Ohio’s Division of Wildlife to build an appreciation for and to preserve this incredible natural resource.

Jim holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science Education and Master’s degree in Outdoor and Environmental Education both from the University of Akron. He is thrilled and honored to be part of EarthEcho’s Leadership, Education, and Advisory Panel. He believes that “Today’s young people will be making crucial decisions concerning our planet’s health and EarthEcho is providing the tools and knowledge they will need to make good choices.” He is looking forward to sharing his experiences with other educators, as well as, working with and learning from educators throughout the country.

Mr. Paul Brentlinger:

Paul Brentlinger is President of CropKing Inc., based out of Lodi, OH. He has extensive knowledge of growing high-quality food products and is a hydroponics and controlled environmental agriculture expert who has spoken at the University of Florida, Indoor-Ag Con, and a variety of other conferences. Having been in business for over 35 years, CropKing is the leader in commercial hydroponics and growing systems, with many techniques and practices applicable to a wide variety of crops. Under Paul’s leadership, CropKing manufactures hydroponic systems, distributes a variety of products and supports produce growers worldwide through technical services and education.



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