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EarthEcho Expedition: Into the Dead Zone

Explore the global issue of dead zones with Philippe Cousteau

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World Water Monitoring Challenge:

We invite students, families, and communities to join thousands of individuals from 120 countries who are already making water health a priority through the EarthEcho World Water Monitoring Challenge.The World Water Monitoring Challenge is an opportunity for anyone, anywhere to make the first step in taking action for clean water and healthy waterways worldwide.

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Upcoming Event | National Biodiversity Teach In February 12, 8:00am

    February 12th, 2016  EarthEcho is proud to present, in conjunction with Elgin High School (Elgin, Illinois), an ocean-themed day for the 2016 National Biodiversity Teach-In. We are bringing together speakers and scientists from across the globe for a day of free webinars for your classroom. Each speaker is working to protect our Water Planet and preserve the biodiversity found in our oceans and beyond.  Our day will be headlined by our…

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Educator Resources

Are you a teacher who cares about our water planet and wants to inspire and encourage your students to do the same? You've come to the right place. The Water Planet Challenge will give you the information and materials you need to help your middle and high school students TAKE ACTION to protect and restore our planet's natural resources while teaching to key standards.

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Student Spotlight | Ashley Battle-Chan: Satellite Youth Ocean Conservation Summit

Ashley Battle-Chan’s introduction to conservation came in 6th grade, when her middle school principal nominated her for a summer camp program at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. While she had always excelled in her science classes, Ashley fell in love with marine animals and…

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