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We're proud to introduce our new program development intern, Deb Perryman!

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EarthEcho Expedition: Into the Dead Zone

The first journey began September 3, 2013, exploring one of the world’s largest aquatic dead zones located in the center of the Chesapeake Bay. This expedition reimagines how middle and high school students learn by leveraging the spirit of exploration and technology to bring learning alive.

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Upcoming Event | Project Spotlight: Lancaster County Conservation District

As you saw in the videos from EarthEcho Expeditions: Into the Dead Zone, the students at the Conservation School in Lancaster County are doing some critical work for the community in partnership with the Lancaster County Conservation District (LCCD). Supported by Sallie Gregory, LCCD’s Education Coordinator, these high school students have been working their way down Middle Creek, restoring and stabilizing new areas of the stream bank each summer. This year another…

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Educator Resources

Are you a teacher who cares about our water planet and wants to inspire and encourage your students to do the same? You've come to the right place. The Water Planet Challenge will give you the information and materials you need to help your middle and high school students TAKE ACTION to protect and restore our planet's natural resources while teaching to key standards.

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Student Spotlight | Cassandra Lin: Turning Grease Into Fuel

At the 2014 National Service-Learning Conference, EarthEcho co-founder and president Philippe Cousteau had the unique privilege to share the stage with Cassandra Lin. Philippe and EarthEcho first met Cassandra in 2012 while collaborating with Cathryn Berger Kaye on our book Make a Splash! A…

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