Apply to join EarthEcho International’s Youth Leadership Council in 2018

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Thank you for your interest in the EarthEcho International Youth Leadership Council and your commitment to environmental sustainability. To apply for the Council, please read over the application instructions below and complete the online application that follows.

In order to complete the online application, please answer the following questions to share additional information about yourself, your interest in the work of EarthEcho International, and your views on the role of youth leadership in environmental conservation and education. Answers should be provided by essay with the option of submitting a video submission in place of the first essay. The video should be uploaded to the Google Form Application or submitted as a youtube link and should not exceed 3 minutes in recorded length. Applications that do not include written responses cannot be considered for inclusion. If you are having trouble uploading required material please contact Hannah MacDonald at or at (989) 657-1362. 


Committee Structure

The Youth Leadership Council is structured into 3 program committees: EarthEcho Water Challenge, EarthEcho Expeditions, and STEMExplore. You will be asked to rank your preferene on which committee you want to be involved with. Each committee is listed below. 

Water Challenge: EarthEcho Water Challenge focuses on enabling and equipping anyone to protect the water resources we depend on everyday. The Youth Leadership Council Water Challenge Committee steers the program by spreading public awareness, leading engagement opportunities to conduct monitoring of local water bodies and supporting Water Challenge Ambassadors. (Learn more here: Water Challenge
Expedition: EarthEcho Expedition focuses on bridging exploration, discovery and STEM education for learners and educators. Each expedition trains and enables educators to create STEM modules that connect students to environmental advocacy, STEM professionals and exploration. The Youth Leadership Council Expedition Committee assists with outreach and connecting to groups in expedition locations, reviews and promotes module material, and guides the involvement of youth in expeditions.  (Learn more here: Expeditions
STEMExplore: EarthEcho STEMExplore connects youth interested in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to STEM professionals through interactive livestream events and online resources. The STEMExplore Youth Leadership Council Committee is guiding a partnership with Girl Scouts and StepUp to launch these mentorship events and working to produce online curriculum about professional development in STEM fields. (Learn more here: STEMExplore



Application Timeline:

  • To apply, please submit application by April 13th, 2018.
  •  Finalists will be contacted in early May 2018 for phone/video interviews.
  •  Selected Youth Leadership Council members will be notified of their appointment to the Council by May 18th, 2018


We want to know about you in the application.

Question 1: Why do you want to serve as an EarthEcho International Youth Leadership Council Member? 

Question 2: What unique skills and experiences would you bring to the EarthEcho Youth Leadership Council? 

Question 3: Why is teamwork important? Describe a time where you worked as a team member to accomplish a goal or overcome an obstacle. 

Question 4: What is an environmental issue you are passionate about and why? 

Click here to complete the Youth Leadership Council application and remember we want to know about more than just your accomplishments, we want to know about your goals and aspirations! The YLC is about acting now to make a difference so show us how you can be the changemaker or innovator that will keep our amazing team moving forward.