D’amy Steward

Youth Council Member

D’amy began sailing competitively at the age of eight in Sabots and progressed to sailing the Laser Radial, competing nationally and internationally for six years.  In the summer of 2013 she embarked aboard the SSV Robert C. Seamans on an abbreviated SEA Semester at Sea program and discovered her life’s passion.  Combining ocean research, conservation, and a love of being at sea, she began proactively seeking opportunities to preserve the world’s oceans.  She contacted Sailors for the Sea [SFTS]—a non-profit ocean conservation organization—in 2014 with ideas to spread their message in the boating community and reducing plastics in the ocean.  Subsequently appointed the first SFTS student ambassador, D’amy educates children and adults by speaking at regattas, schools, and yacht clubs and writing articles; she also created a handbook for future SFTS ambassadors. She is the recipient of the Sailors for the Sea Youth Honoree award. D’amy spent her summer as an intern at the University of California San Diego at the Scripps Marine Lab where she worked on a project with vessel tracking data to identify fishing activity in support of an initiative to monitor and interdict illegal fishing in the South Pacific.   

She is proud to be part of the Earth Echo International’s inaugural Youth Leadership Council. Her idea, 3T4E (picking up 3 pieces of Trash 4 Earth), became the first youth-led social media project reaching over 1.6 million people across six continents. She spoke on a panel at the Blue Vision Summit in Washington, D.C. in May 2017.

D'amy's organization, Ocean Steward, seeks to unite individuals and organizations proactive in ocean conservation.   

D’amy is a sophomore at Duke University, class of 2020.  She intends to double major in Biology and Environmental Science and Policy with a Marine Science and Conservation concentration. She wants to foster opportunities to spread the message of and engage in ocean conservation by synergizing Duke outreach programs and her conservation network. D’amy will spend her spring semester at the Duke Marine Lab.