Elizabeth Sherr

Youth Council Member

Elizabeth Sherr is a Natural Resource Conservation major at the University of Florida with a minor in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences and a strong passion for the ocean. Elizabeth is one of the fifteen new members of the Youth Leadership Council for Earth Echo International.

Born and raised in New York, Elizabeth has always wanted to experience the ocean more in depth. After volunteering and interning at her local nature center for four consecutive years, Elizabeth finally entered the marine world and gained her scuba certification in her mother’s country, Honduras. From scuba diving for a lionfish invasive project in the Utila Islands of Honduras to scuba diving along the Mediterranean Sea in Israel, Elizabeth has obtained a fond appreciation for the ocean’s biodiversity. Publicist of her school’s Surfrider club, an organization dedicated to marine conservation, Elizabeth rises awareness on the issue of marine debris on Florida’s coasts as well as creates monthly beach clean-ups to help keep the oceans clean with other interested students. Additionally, Elizabeth is the Sustainability Director for her sorority, for which she has implemented recycling and composting systems. Being on the YLC will allow Elizabeth to successfully carry out Earth Echo International’s ocean conservation projects in her campus and local marine areas as well as will give her peers a new perspective on how they should treat their environment. In her leisure time, you can find Elizabeth watching ocean-related documentaries, hiking and camping in Florida’s forests, or taking on a new adventure.