Elizabeth Sherr

Youth Council Member

Elizabeth Sherr is a Natural Resource Conservation major at the University of Florida with a focus in marine science and a minor in Extension Education.

Born and raised in New York, Elizabeth had always wanted to experience the ocean more in-depth. Elizabeth finally entered the marine world in 2012 when she gained her scuba certification in her mother’s country, Honduras. Since then, she has scuba dived in Israel and Mexico and extended her passion for conservation through leadership in marine organizations. President of her school’s Surfrider club, Elizabeth raises awareness on the issue of marine debris on Florida’s coasts, participates in monthly beach clean-ups, and encourages students involvement in ocean related events and appreciation. 

Elizabeth is part of the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program (DDCSP), a two-year program that emphasizes diversity in the field of conservation. In 2016 for her first summer in the DDCSP, Elizabeth created her own project observing ctenophore interactions with microplastics beads at the UF Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience. The following summer, Elizabeth spent most of her time in the water working on a UF hard bottom restoration project, stone crab fidelity project, and worked part-time with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission on their lobster and boat surveys in the Florida Keys. In August 2017, Elizabeth presented her first summer's research at the Ecological Society of America annual conference in Portland. 

Elizabeth has also served as a campus ambassador for the Wildlife Conservation Society's campaign, 96 Elephants, to raise awareness on the ivory trade and encourage students to sign the petition to ban it. Lastly, Elizabeth serves on the Youth Leadership Council of EarthEcho International in which she helps promote EarthEcho's ocean conservation projects in her campus and through social media, leads the YLC Marketing Committee, and gives her peers a new perspective on how they should live a more sustainable lifestyle.