Shania Santana

Youth Council Member

Shania Santana is currently a Junior at Whitney M. Young High School in the West Loop of Chicago, Illinois. She is passionate about helping others and working together to create solutions. In her freshman year of high school she took small steps to help fight climate change when she and a group of friends participated in the 15-week long, Mycelia Project, for biology. She knew that action to protect our environment had to be taken immediately. They began to get involved their communities in an attempt to make them better through a variety of different mini-projects. After that, with determination, she stayed involved to better the environment. Shania is in the Ecology club at her school and is an ACE fellowship alumni. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, ACE could no longer hold their fellowship in Chicago. Shania and her friends did not want to stop their passion at that and used their love for the environment to create their own organization. Together they founded The Chicago Youth Alliance for Climate Action; their goal, through a hands-on approach, is to engage their communities, educate, and empower Chicago youth to take climate action in their communities and beyond.

The environment is not Shania's only passion; she loves music and dances. She has danced with the BYNC Mexican Folkloric Ballet since she was nine years old. Shania has playlists that range from Kanye West to Disney movie soundtracks. She absolutely loves eating, laughing, animals, and avocados. Shania has a cat named Pipette and posts daily pictures of her on Snapchat.

Shania hopes for nothing but the best on this EarthEcho International journey and is excited to learn from her mentors and new friends.