Our History

EarthEcho was founded in honor of Philippe Cousteau Sr. by his widow Jan and their children Alexandra and Philippe. With award-winning films, television programs, and books, Philippe Sr. and his father the late Jacques-Yves Cousteau opened the world's eyes to the wonders of life on what they term "our water planet." Through their work we also came to understand our deep connection to the natural world. Today, Philippe Cousteau Jr. and EarthEcho are evolving his family's legacy to inspire and empower youth around the world through dynamic new platforms that inspire action and positive change.

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  1. 1923

    Jacques makes first film using a baby-Pathe camera

  2. 1940

    December 30, Philippe Cousteau Sr. is born in Toulon, France

  3. 1943

    Jacques Cousteau co-invents the aqualung with engineer Emile Gagnan, the first thing of its kind it would later be dubbed SCUBA. The Aqualung was the first apparatus that would allow man to explore the wonders of the ocean freely.

  4. 1950

    Jacques Cousteau acquires Calypso, the ship that he would use to explore the oceans of the world.

  5. 1953

    Jacques Cousteau publishes his first book, The Silent World, three years later it becomes a full-length film which receives an Academy Award™ in Hollywood and a Palm d’Or™ in Cannes.

  6. 1962

    Jacques Cousteau’s most famous book, The Living Sea was published; written with James Dugan.

  7. 1966

    Jacques Cousteau signs a contract to produce twelve hour-long specials with ABC entitled The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau. Jacques and son Philippe produced the most popular documentary series in broadcast history. 1968 - Jan joins Philippe Sr. as a member of his crew and they depart for Baja to film the Grey Whales. Philippe was awarded an Emmy™ for The Desert Whales in 1970.

  8. 1969

    Philippe establishes his own film production company, Thalassa, in Los Angeles to have an American base for the television films. . As Vice President of Cousteau Society, Philippe continued to be the overall director of the TV series, which won 10 Emmy™ Awards.

  9. 1976

    March 21, Alexandra Marguerite Clementine Cousteau is born in Los Angeles

  10. 1979

    Philippe receives the World Wildlife Award in Spain.In June; Philippe is killed in a plane crash in Portugal.

  11. 1980

    January 20, Philippe Cousteau Jr. is born in Los Angeles.

  12. 1997

    June 25, Jacques Yves Cousteau dies in Paris.

  13. 2000

    Alexandra and her brother Philippe, joined by their mother Jan create EarthEcho International to continue their father’s work.

  14. 2004

    EarthEcho International launches its first education program called Journey Through the Everglades

  15. 2009

    EarthEcho International launches the Water Planet Challenge at the 5th Annual Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting

  16. 2010

    EarthEcho announces the formation of its STREAM youth citizen journalism program at the 6th Annual Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting

  17. 2013

    EarthEcho Expeditions launches with a journey through the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, led by Philippe Cousteau Jr.

  18. 2015

    World Water Monitoring Challenge - EarthEcho International became the official coordinator of the World Water Monitoring Challenge in January 2015.