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Caribbean Pirate Treasure

Welcome back…to the new school year and to EarthEcho’s monthly(ish) e-newsletters!  I have always loved this time of year, which is so full of new beginnings and opportunities. You’ll read all about EarthEcho’s latest happenings below, but I am incredibly excited to share some personal news about an adventure that has been a few years in the making.

In our new television series Caribbean Pirate Treasure, my wife Ashlan and I travel around the Caribbean, diving into maritime mysteries, exploring pirate histories, and investigating the lore of lost treasures. With the help of local experts, historians, and archaeological institutions, we pursue the high adventure of exploring the unknown; delving into the rich history of a region that for centuries has been at the crossroads of the New and Old World.

This show is very much inspired by my legacy and the quest to explore the unknown.  As you all know, that legacy has led me to the work of EarthEcho International. And while this show is not tied directly to our non-profit work, it does embody my love of the natural world and the lifetime I have worked trying to protect that world, and inspire the next generation to do so. It is my hope that Caribbean Pirate Treasure will inspire more young people to join the movement.

The show premieres this Sunday at 10pm ET/9pm CT, with another new episode right after at 10:30p/9:30c on the Travel Channel. Don’t miss it and please let us know what you think!

Here is the link in case you are curious for more photos and behind the scenes goodies.

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