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EarthEcho YLC Gives Back with 3T4E

A note from Ruby Rorty of the EarthEcho Youth Leadership Council:

The holidays are upon us —we’re sure that your homes are filling with family and friends and that you’re getting ready for the hustle and bustle of the season.

The EarthEcho Youth Leadership Council, has been thinking a lot about gratitude and celebration recently, a time of concern for many of us who are passionate about environmental protection. A few highlights have come up again and again; for example, we all feel fortunate to be a part of EarthEcho, we are grateful for our loved ones, and thankful for the natural world. There was one additional thing that made all of our lists, something that’s often overlooked when it comes time to count our blessings: water.

Amidst the political agitation of any election season, it’s easy to feel that division is stronger than unity. Partisan politics create fissures in even the strongest communities, and we tend to focus on separation over solidarity. In the face of all this tension we are reminded that water connects us all. Every raindrop, every river, every drop attaches us to the ocean, without which life on Earth could not exist.

The EarthEcho Youth Leadership Council is devoted to water conservation and protection year round. On November 1, 2016, we launched our 3T4E event, which worked to keep plastic pollution out of our ocean. These efforts are vital, and we are so proud of the impact our actions have made! Just on Twitter and Instagram we saw over 1.6 million impressions through our #3T4E campaign. In a single day, our group of 15 youth engaged more than 650,000 social media accounts across 24 states and 6 continents to divert thousands of pieces of litter from our global waterways. We proved that we can indeed inspire action in the real world through a digital call to action, but we know our work is not done! Pollution, ocean acidification, and climate change all put our most precious resource at risk.

We are ready to continue this urgent work in the New Year and under the new administration, but we need your support now more than ever. So share your story of environmental protection so we can join your efforts, apply to join EarthEcho's Youth Leadership Council next year, or donate to EarthEcho International. There's so much to do...but we know we achieve more together!