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New School Year, New Habits

The calendars have turned, the days are getting shorter, and a new school year is well underway. As many around the globe settle into school year routines, we encourage you to not become complacent, but to create something new. Ignite change.

This year we want everyone--students, teachers, parents, and community members--to focus on the ways that they can positively impact our environment, every day, 365 days of the year. There are a myriad of ways to take action: from simple, daily choices such as turning off the water when brushing your teeth, to planning water monitoring events and large-scale campaigns to remove debris from local waterways.

In the classroom, we are offering a new project planning tool to assist educators in planning a project-based or service learning unit with their students. It’s an opportunity to apply science standards and critical thinking skills to everyday environmental problems and solutions. In the community, you can participate in EarthEcho’s World Water Monitoring Challenge. The 2015 monitoring season closes  on December 31st, but it is not too late to participate. Use our new World Water Monitoring Challenge Toolkit to plan an event, test your local waterways, and share your findings. Visit our interactive map and database to see if there are already established monitoring sites near you!

Here at EarthEcho, the school year will bring about some significant changes, as well. We are launching new project planning tools, visiting the Pacific Northwest to film pieces for an upcoming Expedition series, and prototyping new digital tools. Be on the lookout for more information as the school year continues!  

No matter how you choose to take action in the next year--through a campaign, community day, or by inventing new solutions to environmental problems--we want to hear about it. Be sure to share all of your stories of action with us over social media (@EarthEcho on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) or by emailing We can’t wait to see the difference you’re making  this year.  


Philippe Cousteau Jr.